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CutLogic 2D

dedmin100: CutLogic 2D v3.0.2.302 Panel Cutting Optimization Software * CutLogic 2D is an optimizer for cutting rectangular material in industries such as woodworking, furniture, sheet metal, glass cutting etc. * CutLogic 2D minimizes your waste by calculating the optimal cutting layouts. * CutLogic 2D is unique in terms of quality of optimization and its extensive cutting options not available in similar cutting tools. Main Features * Guillotine (edge to edge) and non-guillotine cutting * Cost driven optimization – prioritization based on defined price of used sources * Full material and remnants (reusable rests) inventory management * Inventory assemblies – possibility to define multipart products in inventory * Full remnants (over)production control– feed back control mechanisms allowing optimization of inventory in terms of keeping optimal level of remnants * Group optimization – optimizer finds optimal cutting plan for defined subgroups of parts and available subgroups of sources * Batch control support – tracking capabilities for parts and remnants * Part rotation allowance * Support of metric and fractional length and area formats (9.99, 3'-3.99", 8'-3 63/64", 99 3/32) * Extensive cutting settings - different cutting blade width (kerf) for horizontal and vertical cutting, remnants definition, left, right, top and bottom trim cut, etc * Unmatched versatility and flexibility for any cutting cases - support for up to 1 million sources and up to 1 million parts per one optimization plan * Security and reliability – making the most of true SQL database (Firebird) for data protection, security, backup, crash recovery etc * Wide set of predefined standard report and label templates editable via embedded report designer – editable fields, fonts, functions, barcodes * Export to CSV, TXT, MS Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, ODT, ODS * Import from TXT, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, clipboard and connection strings (MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, MS SQL Server, etc.) * Enhanced data sorting and filtering capabilities for better outline of information on the screen * Strong, steady and reliable optimization for every cutting case * Available also as ActiveX Control Engine Library http://www.tmachines.com/index.htm

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administrator2: супер неща пише че може, ама и цените са солени CutLogic 2D Standard Edition = 499 USD CutLogic 2D Professional Edition =999 USD CutLogic 2D Enterprise Edition =1999 USD кво мислиш за програмата?

dedmin100: Не съм я пробвал още. Ти инсталира ли я?

administrator2: неееее

administrator2: CutLogic 2D v3.5.1.322 RC1 Professional Edition http://rapidshare.com/files/429649530/WW991.rar

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